A Brief History



In 2014 I realized that to us printmaking is the missing component that digital design lacked. That's when I started M.C. Pressure. Back then, the company was a small press on a table in my roommate’s kitchen, here in St. Augustine, Florida. Since then the company has grown. M.C. Pressure acquired new presses, expanded the line, and collaborated on several custom pieces.

The company's main workhorse is an Original Heidelberg letterpress from 1958. The process of letterpress starts with an idea. We'll sketch this idea and then transfer them into a digital format. That digital file is output and becomes a printing plate. We’ll put the plate onto the press and let the machine work its magic. The machines rollers will ink the plate, then moves the paper into the press, and debosses the design into the paper. This creates a texture that is exclusive to letterpress.

Another printmaking process we offer is Hot Foil Stamping we have a Heidelberg GTP from 1972, and it’s a beast. This technique parallels letterpress. The machine heats up a copper die and then presses the design into foil and lays it into the paper. Foil allows for color to pop. Foil stamping allows for light colors on dark paper stocks.

Printmaking feels special in that it allows for a handmade touch. The old technology of the presses combines with new graphic design techniques. This pairing creates something that feels one of a kind and is something that you will want to hold onto.