Kendrick Kidd's North Beach Series

A project years in the making.

When I started M.C.Pressure, I wanted the chance to work with talented creatives. So I started the Artist Print Series. One designer I dreamed of working with was Kendrick Kidd. I had admired his work since learning of him while in school at Flagler College. I reached out to Kendrick when the series began to see if he would be interested. And, to my surprise, he was on board immediately! A few things were occupying his time, but let me know he wanted part of it- just needed a bit of time.

Eric Hires is another talented creative our team admires. He is a local videographer who shoots with 16mm Film. We worked with him on a set of business cards back in the early days of M.C.Pressure but wanted the chance to work together again.

Then the stars aligned.

After some time, Kendrick came back to us with the series, Beaches of Northeast Florida. It consisted of five designs: Jacksonville Beach, K.A. Hanna Park, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Mayport.

We asked Eric to come to our studio while the series was printing and film the process. The combination of collaboration between local creators as well as the analog processes of film videography and letterpress was perfect.

This series is one that our team will remember.


Prints are on 118# Natural White Savoy Cotton Paper from Reich Paper and printed in PMS 877 Silver Ink.

Editions for this series are of 100, numbered and stamped.