Don't Fuck Up the Table - Letterpress Coasters

Don't Fuck Up the Table - Letterpress Coasters


As Seen on Buzzfeed!

Eight 4” x 4” Letterpress Coasters
Black Letterpress on White Coaster Paper
Packaged with a Black Letterpress Label in Plastic Box

Don’t do it. Don’t leave cup rings on the table. The perfect passive-aggressive note for your guests so you can seem like the ‘chill’ friend. Additionally, my mom kept these on her living room table and whenever my little brother’s friends would come over…they were unprepared. But, they never left a mess!

Our team prints each page on a 1958 Original Heidelberg Letterpress. Since letterpress is a hand-done process, each coaster may vary from one another.

© M.C. Pressure

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