Florida Stamp - Letterpress Postcard Set

Florida Stamp - Letterpress Postcard Set


Three 4.5” x 6.25” Letterpress Postcard Set
Blue, Yellow, and Pink Letterpress Backgrounds on White Paper
Three Red Letterpress Design on Front
Custom Die-Cut Stamp
Back Universal Postcard Design

As a self-declared Florida Resident (along with years of residency to back it up), I can join the concensus that believes that Florida is a trash state (i.e. Florida Man). BUT!!! We love it and it has some serious perks. That’s why it’s one of the top American Tourist Destination. Show the sunshine state some love with this postcard series: hello from sunny florida, sending love from florida, it’s been a while crocodile.

Our team prints each page on a 1958 Original Heidelberg Letterpress. Since letterpress is a hand-done process, each postcard may vary from one another.

© M.C. Pressure

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