Line, Dot, Grid - Letterpress Notebook Trio

Line, Dot, Grid - Letterpress Notebook Trio


Set of Three 4.25” x 5.5” Letterpress Notebooks
Variety Pack: Line, Dot, and Grid
Red and Blue Letterpress on Light Brown Paper
50 Light Grey Flat Printed Interior Pages, Pattern Corresponds with Cover (Line, Dot, or Grid)
Packaged with a Black Flat Printed Craft Paper Belly Band

Staying organized can be a pain. And, if you are in college, things can get overwhelming. We developed this product while one of our team members was working towards her degree- and it helped! If you’re looking for more tips on college organization, read our blog post! Image courtesy of our friends at Neat Jax.

Our team prints each page on a 1958 Original Heidelberg Letterpress. Since letterpress is a hand-done process, each notebook may vary from one another.

© M.C. Pressure

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