Netflix and Chill - Letterpress Coaster Pack

Netflix and Chill - Letterpress Coaster Pack


Eight 4” x 4” Square Letterpress Coasters
Rounded Edges
Red Letterpress on White Coaster Paper
Packaged in a Clear Plastic Box with a Black Letterpress Label

Once at a market, an old lady bought these coasters for her grandson's Christmas present because he 'watches a lot of Netflix'- either that grandma knows what's what or it's a topic we should have brought up to her before purchasing. Either way, I wish that we could've seen his reaction. I hope he's doing well and winning over all the sweet hunnies with these coasters.

Our team prints each page on a 1958 Original Heidelberg Letterpress. Since letterpress is a hand-done process, each coaster may vary from one another.

© M.C. Pressure

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